Earth, Beans and Fire are the Essential Elements for Delicious Coffee.

-The Earth is the source of everything that nourishes us, the Earth provides us the Beans.

-The Beans are ethically sources from areas around the globe and are Fire roasted once and only when the order is placed.

-The Fire, which roasts the beans is the process which gives each coffee its unique flavor.

Earth, Beans and Fire Coffee Company knows that the coffee you drink is as important as the foods you eat and the company you keep.  Your coffee is a reflection of you, and Earth, Beans, and Fire Coffee Company provides you with ethically sourced, fresh roasted coffee.

For nearly half my life I have dedicated my life and career in helping others, whether it was helping migrant children with health care and education while their parents traveled the U.S., or high school students find their path in life and most recently raising funds for the poorest in the world.

But, in May of 2020, as I was putting my business plan together, the COVID pandemic hit the U.S., I lost my job, so, I fast tracked my plan for starting the Earth, Beans and Fire Coffee Company.

Your purchase supports a micro business, one-person working hard to provide for his family. I am humbled by your support and ask if you are happy with your coffee purchase, please let your friends and family know about Earth, Beans and Fire Coffee Company.

I thank you whole heartedly for your support and ask that you share "The Perfect Cup of Coffee", with a friend or loved one.